VersAi, Inc. is an IP Holding company

vOur current focus is to maximize our investors' ROI for the most recent addition to our IP portfolio: a proprietary Artificial Intelligence Algorithm now known as VersAi Probabilistic Reasoning (VPR).


vVPR is a mature technology which has been developed and deployed as a hardware based Email Security & Encryption Appliance, Software as a Service (SaaS) and a cloud-ready Virtual Security Appliance (VSA).


vWe will expand our product offerings through API development, in house and via partnerships with vendors in complementary vertical markets.  This will increase the deployment and utilization of our IP while identifying applications that can benefit from a truly intelligent pattern detection engine.


VersAi is committed to and well positioned for rapid growth.  Our Business Plan provides for both organic growth and growth through acquisition and partnering with well established companies in the Mobile Security Market, as well as the Email and Cloud Security Markets where VPR has already been commercially proven.